The Hound Your Guide to Birmingham

Here are a number of my very biased and opinionated posts on various parts of the city. I accept no responsibility for any injury which may occur as a result of taking me as your guide, and if I haven't managed to offend you here, I'm sure I will get round to your area at some point! I have excluded my posts about areas outside of Birmingham, since the hedge is the subject of the blog and that is my hedge.

1960s Birmingham Flower of Gloster
Altered Street Signs Part 1 Part 2
Anchor Exchange
Birmingham in the 60s
Bradford Street Time Trave
Bristol Street Part 1 Part 2
The Bullring 1960s Bullring A Load of Old Bulls
Canals Canalside Art Gallery
Cast Iron Urinals
Castle Street
Central Library Part 1 Part 2
Christchurch Passage
Curzon Street Station
Digbeth Part 1 City Spirit in Terry Pratchett Part 2 The City by Night Digbeth Art Gallery
Dingley's Passage
Erdington Abbey
Foxnewsfacts on Birmingham
Gun Quarter
Harborne Walkway
Hill Street Mystery on Hill Street
History in Street Names
Hockley Flyover
Holy Trinity Digbeth
Icknield Street School
Inge Street Murder
John Baskerville's Peripatetic Corpse
Key Hill Cemetery
The Koh-I-Noor Restaurant
Library of Birmingham Part 1 Part 2
Mister Egg
Moat Lane
Moseley Moseley So-Called 'Village' The Wall of Hate
Moseley Road Baths
New Street Station Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 The Haunting of New Street Station
Old Square Part 1 Glimpses of Life in Old Square
Paradise (and Paradise Place) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Peace Gardens Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Psychogeographical Map of Birmingham
Pub Bombings Part 1
Rea Valley Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Must finish this one day)
Rentboys' Corner
River Rea Part 1
'Round the back of Rackhams'
Scala House/Cinema or Odeon Ringway/Queensway
Smallbrook Queensway
Spaghetti Junction
Street Fighting School
St Valentine in Birmingham
Sutton Coldfield
Swallow Street
Telly Savalas on Birmingham
The Green Men of Birmingham
The Hagley Road
The Jewellery Quarter Part 1 Part 2
The Kennedy Mosaic
The Spirit of Birmingham in William Hutton
The Queen's Arms
The Smallest Listed Building?
The Woodman
Tourism in Birmingham
Underpasses Part 1 Part 2
Walking in Birmingham
You Know You're a Brummie When

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